Remember the days when you sat around the table dunking cookies into a glass of milk, only to have it fall apart?  There is a new union of milk and cookies that challenges what you know and gives you something new to enjoy. 


What is a Dirty Cookie?

We’ve handcrafted each cookie to resemble a shot glass and lined the inside with a premium Belgian chocolate. To top it off, we’ve churned creams by hand to ensure that no bite is ever short of milky goodness. Our company is committed to innovation, service, and quality.

What Makes Us Special?

We’ve set the highest standards for ourselves to raise the bar in quality and push the envelope of what the cookie can be. We are constantly exploring and experimenting with fun and quirky ideas so The Dirty Cookie experience will continue to grow.


We are more than just cookies—we are a unique, fun, interactive, and memorable experience you can share with friends and family.


We make the experience special by individually connecting with and engaging every customer by having them co-create and customize their personal cookie shots.