Who Are We?

We are a startup of young and adventurous people ready to take the typical cookie shop to the next level. Intrigued by unique cookie concepts, yet finding limited options, it became clear it was time for a cookie comeback. So we have decided to re-introduce the milk and cookie experience.


What is a Dirty Cookie?

It is an individually hand crafted gourmet Cookie Shot. Each Cookie Shot is coated with premium Belgian chocolate, delicately brushed on by hand–No need to worry about leaks.

The Cookie Shot is a new, clever, and more convenient way to enjoy your milk and cookies. And when posted on social media, it tends to receive many likes.

What Makes Us Special?

We’ve set the highest standards for ourselves to raise the bar in quality and push the envelope of what the cookie can be. We are constantly exploring and experimenting with fun and quirky ideas so The Dirty Cookie experience will continue to grow.


We are more than just cookies—we are a unique, fun, interactive, and memorable experience you can share with friends and family.


We make the experience special by individually connecting with and engaging every customer by having them co-create and customize their personal cookie shots.