Our Story

The one question I always get asked is, did I start The Dirty Cookie because I like to bake? Every time I get asked that question I have to laugh. I’m the farthest thing from being a baker!

In my previous life I was an aerospace project manager. One day I went to work and I just knew I couldn’t do it anymore. I wanted to follow my dream.
When I was a kid I would curl up on my couch with my go-to comfort food; a bag of cookies and a glass of milk, as I let my mind wander. Often, I thought of my future and owning my own business. To me having a business meant freedom and the power to change people’s lives in my community.
And so, in 2015 I brought together my favorite comfort food along with my dream and The Dirty Cookie was born.
I have a strong desire to empower and nurture our next generation not just in our local community but also the children that do not have access to quality education all over the world. My vision is to use this business and anything I do to give back to our youth

Shahira Marei 

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What is a Dirty Cookie?

We’ve handcrafted each cookie to resemble a shot glass and lined the inside with a premium Belgian chocolate. To top it off, we’ve churned creams by hand to ensure that no bite is ever short of milky goodness. Our company is committed to innovation, service, and quality.

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We are more than just cookies—we are a unique, fun, interactive, and memorable experience you can share with friends and family.

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We make the experience special by individually customizing our handcrafted cookies to meet your needs.